Monday, April 25, 2016

online tracking

 Online Tracking is when you are being "followed" online and everything that you look for is being tracked.An example of online tracking is when you are online looking for something then the next day go back online and an ad  pops up for what you were looking at yesterday on your computer. You are being tracked every time you use the internet and they remember what you have done previously. Always be careful about what you share on the internet because it could be saved somewhere else for someone to use in the future. Never give out your personal information unless you know it's a secure site that you're using. Also be careful never click on the pop up ads because it could create a virus on your computer and allow hackers to gain access to your personal information that you have stored on your computer.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


In my Digital Citizenship class I have learned about a lot of new platforms to use instead of the basic ones that I already know. One of my favorite new platforms is Powtoon. Powtoon is very easy to use and has a lot of different features on it that can help make really cool projects. Not only do I use this platform for my #digcit class but I also have used it for many other classes.

Sticky Notes

I chose the Sticky Note app. I chose this app because it allows you to have a note that goes on your homescreen. This app allows you to put reminders right on your desktop screen so that you can easily see your reminders when your sign into your settings. I tested this app by putting reminders on my desktop and then I signed out of my account and when I signed back in my reminders were still there. There are many different features on this app you can change the font make it bigger or smaller, you can add bullets and many more features. I would give this app a 3/4 on appearance only because I wish you could make the sticky notes different sizes on your desktop. And it would be cool if you could change the color of the sticky note. I give this app a 4/4 because it is very easy to use and it has directions for easy usage for the user. I give this app a 4/4 on how easy to follow the instructions were to use because it allowed me to figure out the app very easily. I gave this app a 4/4 because it took me a short time to figure it out how to use it and I could click around and try out different things on the app. I gave this app a 4/4 because it allowed me to explore and figure out how to use a different app. One highlight of the app is that you can move the sticky note all around your desktop

Monday, February 22, 2016

social branding

Social branding is basically how you look online and how your credibility shows up to others online. We are apart of the do it yourself generation where our social media accounts are everything to us. I believe that it is important to have a positive social brand that way you aren't limiting yourself at a young age to the colleges or jobs that you can get.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Digital Tattoo

Throughout these past two days listening to the speaker I have learned that what I post online can effect my life more than i realized. Colleges and jobs all look into your social media and see if you've been a good and respectful person through high school. Your digital tattoo follows you around your whole life so what you post now can impact your life in the future. Not only can digital tattooing be bad but it can also be good it can help colleges see the good things that you have done for your school and community. Listening to them definitely made my online presence different and I am going to be more cautious of what I put on social media.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

google me

I predict that you would find pictures of me from instagram, school and twitter.
When you google me you find my profile pictures of me from my accounts. You can't see my posts because all of my accounts are private.  If my friends were to google me they'd see some pictures of me but nothing that they haven't seen before or anything revealing or bad about me. I don't think that I am sharing too much online. My level of digital citizenship is usually good I try to use the internet for positive purposes. My digital presence is a good example of digital citizenship because i post appropriate things online.