Thursday, February 11, 2016

google me

I predict that you would find pictures of me from instagram, school and twitter.
When you google me you find my profile pictures of me from my accounts. You can't see my posts because all of my accounts are private.  If my friends were to google me they'd see some pictures of me but nothing that they haven't seen before or anything revealing or bad about me. I don't think that I am sharing too much online. My level of digital citizenship is usually good I try to use the internet for positive purposes. My digital presence is a good example of digital citizenship because i post appropriate things online.


  1. Though thinking about those items you have that are private. Are any of those images inappropriate? Once it is online it could be accessible if an employer chooses to utilize nefarious means.

  2. Just because you are private doesn't mean your picture can not be found. Make sure what you post is appropriate and creates a positive self image!